A study presented at the just-finished American Society of Human Genetics 2018 Annual Meeting in San Diego reported a way to estimate whether an individual can expect to live longer or shorter than average.不久前,在圣迭戈举行的2018英国人们细胞生物学会年大会上,一项研究报道了一种方式,可评定个人简直比均值寿命更长或更为较短。An international research group studied the effect of genetic variations on lifespan across the human genome, which could improve our understanding of the diseases and cellular pathways involved in aging.国际性研究工作组研究了遗传变异对全部人们基因组寿命的影响,或能提高大家对老年疾病及其与年迈涉及到的体细胞通道的了解。


In the largest ever genome-wide association study of lifespan, the researchers paired genetic data from more than 500,000 participants in the United Kingdom Biobank and other cohorts with data on the lifespan of each participants parents.在此项迄今为止经营规模仅次的全基因组与寿命的关系研究中,研究员将来源于美国微生物金融机构和其他来源于的50多万名参加者的基因遗传数据信息与每名参加者爸爸妈妈的寿命数据信息进行挑选。They didn t study the effects of one or more selected genes on lifespan, but looked across the whole genome to answer the question in a more open-ended way. The papers first author Paul Timmers from the University of Edinburgh said that because the effect of any given gene is so small, the large sample size was necessary to identify genes relevant to lifespan.她们没研究一个或好几个特定基因对寿命的影响,只是认真观察了全部基因组,以一种更为扩大开放的方法问了这个问题。该毕业论文的第一作者韦德·蒂默斯波尔来源于爱丁堡学校,他说道,由于任一一个等额的基因的影响较小,因此 务必很多样版来确定与寿命涉及到的基因。

They confirmed six previously identified associations between genes and aging, such as the APOE gene, and they also discovered 21 new genomic regions that influence lifespan. Using their results to develop a polygenic risk score for lifespan, they developed a single, personalized genomic score that estimates a persons genetic likelihood of a longer life.她们确认了此前早就确定的基因与年迈中间不会有的六个相关性,如APOE基因,她们还找到21个影响生命期的新的基因组地区。研究员运用研究結果产品研发了一个作为生命期的多基因风险性得分管理体系,这是一个单一的、人性化的基因组得分,可评定一个人长命的基因遗传概率。


Using a persons genetic information alone, we can identify the 10 percent of people with the most protective genes, who will live an average of five years longer than the least protected 10 percent, said Timmers.只需一个人的遗传物质,大家就可以确定出有10%具有数最多维护保养基因的群体。均值来讲,她们比10%最不会受到维护的群体多活5年。

Also, they wanted to know whether genetic variants were affecting the aging process directly or affecting risk of individual diseases that could lead to death. They found that among common variants, those found in at least one in 200 people that are associated with Alzheimers disease, heart disease, and smoking-related conditions were linked to overall lifespan.除此之外,她们还想要告知遗传变异否不容易对细胞凋亡全过程造成立即影响,亦或是影响有可能送命的某些病症的风险性。她们寻找:在罕见变异体中,与老年性痴呆症、心脏疾病及其抽烟涉及到的0.5%的基因变异感受影响总体寿命。However, they did not find lifespan associations for other cancers, suggesting that susceptibility to death caused by other cancers is due to rarer genetic variants or the environment.殊不知,她们没找到癌病与寿命涉及到,这强调:其他癌病引起的丧命有可能是罕见的遗传变异或自然环境造成 的。