LG型号为G Flex的弯曲屏智能手机渲染图泄露,将会在下月发布【m体育手机网页版】



LG G Flex curved smartphone revealed in press renders, will launch next month LG型号为G Flex的倾斜屏智能手机图形图泄漏,将不会在下月公布。LG has admitted that bendable and unbreakable smartphone displays are already in production, and weve heard plenty of rumors about a device known as the G Flex which features the new tech. Engadget has come across a trio of renders of the upcoming device, and we have learned from our sources that it will be coming out sometime next month — pricing and availability (as well as hard specs) are as of yet unknown, however. As you can see in the images (above and below), the G Flex offers a curved display, but LGs version approaches it at a literally different angle from the Galaxy Round that was announced last week: instead of it curving from left to right, the G Flex goes orthogonally from top to bottom. Well update you with more information and images as we get closer to the devices launch.LG否认早已在生产可倾斜的智能手机显示屏,我们听见了很多关于用于此项新技术的型号为G Flex的设备的谣言。瘾科技获得了很多此款机器的图形图,从我们的消息源处获得了消息,这款设备将不会在下个月公布,但是,价格,供货时间以及规格都不确认。从上下两张图中可以显现出G Flex有一个倾斜的表明屏幕,但是LG的这个版本跟上周三星公布的Round倾斜角度几乎不一样,不是左右倾斜,二十上下倾斜。